Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Year 200010

It's been a little over a year since I started this thing, teary eyed and in kc!
Well here I am, yet again, on mom and dads couch - bored and restless - alas: another post.

Check these videos!
1)The Byrds playing some Dylan songs on Hugh Hefners "PlayBoy After Dark". At first glance this seems to be a super trippy Thanksgiving living room style party with The Byrds as the house band.

And now here's Dylans 1971 version of You Aint Goin Nowhere. I personally like the lyrics (and the recording in general) a lot more on this than the 1967 version he recorded with The Band, which is released on the Basement Tapes Sessions, which is the version the Byrds cover ^.

All I listened to in Spain was Bruce Springsteens Nebraska.
Nebraska, Nebraska, Nebraska.

To be honest - I found myself skipping over Atlantic City more often than not. It's the one song from that record I was already super familiar with and I just wanted to get to the other songs. Most notably State Trooper and Reason to Believe.

Here's the boss in '93 and then in 2000 playing Atlantic City. These versions are awesome. The mandolin leads between breaks in the verses are so prominent where on the recordings you can barely tell that they're there. Bruce recorded Nebraska to serve as demo tapes he would send to the E-Street band and later re-record with them, but just went ahead and released it as was: A four track record with acoustic guitar, electric guitar plugged straight into the board, Alan Vega styled/reverby vocals, mandolin, harmonica, and 10 tragic tales. Def his darkest work, but here, you will see he has turned it into something fist pumping backed by the E-Street gang.

The woman playing guitar in the black leather is AMAZING.

and again in 2000.

So tonight the calender will change yet again. 2009 was a busy year for me. Woods toured pretty much non-stop the last six months, and I went places I never thought i'd go/made friends I never expected to make. We have flown in something like 12 planes since November, playing countries in Europe such as Russia, Spain, England, Ireland, and Scotland. Even America suprised me. From playing places like the Henry Miller Library in the Big Sur in California, to playing a teen rec-center somewhere in Conneticut, we really covered a lot of ground and im glad to have seen it all.

Heres our set in the Big Sur back in August. This was a part of our US tour with Dungen. We played in the grove out infront of the Henry Miller Library around high noon.

One of the highlights of '09 for me was playing the Whitney Museum as part of Dan Grahams retrospective.

Rain on Acoustic: Recorded in April in Dijon France in a big and beautiful wooden attic with a huge tin roof. If you listen closely, right after the last chorus (when Jeremy sings 'you wouldn't pass it up...') it starts to rain and then lets up before the vocals come back in again. So cool!

so long '09, it's been real.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

son of a gun

Woods was privileged enough to share the stage with the Vaselines Sunday night at the Bowery Ballroom. When I first arrived, arms full of equipment, I was greeted with a friendly smile and wave from Frances who was in the middle of their soundcheck. It was a lot of fun playing a bigger stage with good sound, and the whole night turned out great. Lots of friends, lots of family. After the show we wandered into the greenroom where they let us drink their beer and the above picture was taken.

Here are some pictures I ripped from Brooklyn Vegan.

Frances sure had a lude and crude way of passing time between songs. She said everything from "I don't suck, I blow" to "I like to drink the blood of virgin boys, so if you are a virgin boy please come find me after" all in her traditional Scottish accent. She seemed to have left the humor on the stage, though, seeing as within the few words that we exchanged she was as sweet as could be. That and, I couldn't tell what the fuck she was saying.


Monday, April 6, 2009


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I turned 21 last Thursday, Tomorrow Woods goes to Europe again, and last week I was just getting home from SXSW. The Tour to and from Austin was killer. Woods went down with Blank Dogs and back up with Crystal Stilts, playing and hanging in Kansas City/Lawrence and hanging with my parents both times. My dad said seeing the shows and meeting my friends was the most fun he had had in ten years.

Being sandwiched back in New York for a week inbetween tours is exausting. I've been working all my jobs (delivery, babysittin, moving), Woods played two shows, and my new band, Babies, played our first show.

Rain On, off of Songs of Shame, got best new track on Pitchfork last week. You can read the review here

Laundry's done!