Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eves Eve

Here I am on the brink of 2009 and i've finally indulged in a blog. Im home in Kansas City right now, trying to stay out of the negative degree weather, lying on mom and dads couch, building my new virtual world. Welcome.

///First thing first: Last night when I got home to my parents house, I went up into my old room and noticed an issue of People lying on the floor with Paul Newman on the cover. I had watched Cool Hand Luke the night before with Grant in Chicago, which made me think of the first time I watched it, at the beginning of November, with my friend Jamie, who is no longer with us. The magazine had belonged to a friend of my mothers who had recently been in town and my mom said that since his death the family has switched to his pasta sauce instead of Prego. Cool Hand Luke has become one of my favorite movies and will forever remind me of my buddy Jamie who has left us to go tour in the sky, or as he would have said, 'taken the day off, to j off'.

Here's the scene of Luke (Newman) singing Plastic Jesus in the prison bunks after getting news his mother has died.

and then theres this: The Troggs: With a Girl Like you. Also shown to me by Jamie. He used to dance around the living room playing his guitar and singing along to the record. I have been listening to it a lot lately and I was told the singer looked super creepy in the video, but after checking it out for the first time today, I don't really think so. You be the judge.

1925 - 2008

"And when my friend and I were
done we went to rest upon the
sun 'cause life takes from us
the things we love and robs us
of the special ones and puts
them where where we can't climb
and we only miss them all the time"


I miss you everyday